Bread & Pastries

Bread & moroccan pastries

Without doubt one of the pillars of the Moroccan diet, bread also has its story to discover … Our team reveals the traditional recipes of different Moroccan breads and pastries consumed in Morocco.

Moroccan cuisine workshop : Bread and pastries

Moroccan bread workshop

Duration : 2h

Sessions :

From 9:00 am

Menu :

Meloui / Sfenj (moroccan donuts)/ baghrir/ mesmen/ pain aux olives noires /  pain aux dattes / tanourte

Price per person :

450 MAD

moroccan pastries workshop

Duration : 3h

Sessions :

From 9:00 am

Menu  :

Corne de gazelle / briwate avec amandes / bahla/ krichlate 

Price per person :

550 MAD